Ach Payment Terms Aldiracita Corpotama PT arial,helvetica,sans-serif;">Chinese refer their postpartum period as " Zuo Yue". It was believed that the body of the new mother is very weak. After giving birth, she should keep her body warm. The room which the mother stays should not have fan or air-condition. Some do not even open  the windows. This is to prevent wind from entering the body. It was believed that if any wind gets into the body, the mother will suffer from pain in the joints when she are old.

online ampicillin arial,helvetica,sans-serif;">The new mum is also not allowed to leave the house for a period of at least 30 days afterbirth. She should not wash her hair, walk about , read books or watch television. Bathing is a big "No No" and she must avoid touching of water during this period. Long pants and long sleeve tops are to be worn at all times. Socks and bedroom slippers is also a must. The new mother is supposed to rest in bed often. Frequent sitting is also believed to cause backache.Chinese believed cheap buy ampicillin that the ying and yang of the body is not in harmony afterbirth.To adjust back the ying & yang, food intake during postpartum is very important. The confinement diet must have lots of ginger, this helps to dispel wind in the tummy and body. Confinement food are cooked with rice wine which helps to keep the body warm. Tonic soups are also taken to replenish the blood lost during delivery. Alcohol are also consumed to keep the body warm and to replenish the lost nutrients. It helps to give the mother more strength and energy The new mum should only drink red dates drink throughout the confinement period and no consuming of water is allowed as water is believed to be "cold".  Foods that are considered "cooling" such as fruits, certain vegetables, cold drinks, desserts are not permitted as well.

buy ampicillin online justify;">After 30 days of confinement, there is a full month celebration for the newborn. This is a practice that the new parents will celebrate the mark of the baby's 1st month with their relatives and friends. Traditionally, the baby's name will be announced. To mark this occassion, eggs which are dyed in red known as " Red Eggs" are given out to the guests.

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