Dear Mummies & Mums-to-be,
I'm Rebecca, a mom of two lovely girls.
SgMummy was inspired by motherhood. For a new mom, juggling a newborn and coping with physical and emotional changes was one of life-changing moments of a woman. For a woman, motherhood is filled with anxiety, excitements, joy, challenges, fears and many more. In sunny & tiny Singapore, we are surrounded with many different races and nationalities. There are many different views, opinions and ways of  coping with motherhood. This blog is my sharing of my learning curve and experiences as a Singaporean Mom as well as to serve as an informative and interactive place for all moms. Through this website you will find valuable information on:

  • What is postpartum care and why is it important
  • How to recover fast during postpartum period
  • What physical changes should you expect
  • Are you able to cope with your emotions afterbirth
  • Are confinement food effective and necessary
  • Are you ready and equipped for postpartum
  • How to cope with newborns
  • Videos
  • Sharing of experiences from other mummies
  • Personal development of how to be a great mum
  • Time management for mothers
  • Confinement and Lactation Food recipes
  • Coping with more than one child
  • Other valuable information

I like to share and i believe that " Health is our greatest Wealth". With a healthy mind and body, embracing motherhood can  be easier. While your hands are busy with your new bundle of joy, do remember you can have your own life with some slight adjustments and definately make more  new mummy friends. You are welcome to share your experiences of  labour, postnatal period, breastfeeding , depression and many more . I sincerely hope you will benefit and gain more knowledge through SgMummy and i hope you enjoy motherhood as much as i do.




Origins Jamu Massage specialises in Jamu Postnatal Massage. Our mission is to educate mothers about the Health Benefits of having a postnatal massage . We are committed to be a  helping hand by providing relevant advices on coping with your health during confinement period, how to handle your newborns, breastfeeding tips as well as helping you to restore and recover fast after childbirth. Our therapists are regard as " AfterBirth Pal", highly trained to assist new mums as you embarked your new journey into motherhood.

Learn more about how can Jamu Postnatal Massage help you after childbirth.

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